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Email marketing is the use of email channel as a method to deliver marketing messages. As part of a campaign management strategy, email marketing serves as an effective marketing communications tool between marketers and customers. A targeted, engaging email with clear action items sent to selected segments can increase response rates, help with engagement, outline brand attributes, increase brand visibility, and serve as a potential for downstream revenue either through increased lead traction or successful customer experience with commerce. Mobile devices add context to the email ecosystem. Emails are also used to drive a social engagement to build a following and link behaviors across channels.

Our Offerings

We help our clients to use emails for targeted communications rather than advertising broadcasting tool.

The existing email marketing technology is very easy to use to execute and deliver campaigns to customers. However, we recognize that it is extremely important in the modern times of digital information overload and low attention span to focus on what is in the marketing message and how CTAs (call-to-actions are strategically placed throughout the message. We don't practice email marketing as a stand-alone channel for customer messages and rather integrating email marketing in campaign management applications that coordinate customer preferences, segmentation, predictive analytics, social media channels.

Services Included:

  • Understand who is the email recipent.
  • Craft a message that ties back to the organization's goals.
  • Create a mobile-responsive design.
  • Send personalized messages to prospects.
  • Reach clients when they’re most engaged.
  • Promote organization's content.
  • Drive conversions with targeted product and service promotions.
  • Conduct and leverage testing to optimize the impact of campaign.

Vendors We Use and Recommend

Google, KissMetrics, Adobe, Webtrends